Social Distancing for Healthcare Workers

By Martin Bukacek

We are all deep in the throws now of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I know it is wearing on everyone. Literally there is no one in the entire world that is not impacted by it, and living with heartache and fear.

I remain amazed at the Residents, Families and the Team here at the Pointe for being so resilient, strong and hopeful under these circumstances. There’s a lot to say about the sacrifices Residents and their Loved ones are having to make, but I want to focus on we healthcare workers here.

To put it bluntly, if we do not exercise extreme caution in our Work and Home lives, we are putting ourselves, our loved ones, our Residents, and our Co-workers at grave risk. We’ve all heard the stories of what it’s like to experience the Virus, and for those who survive, it sounds extremely painful. We are also seeing the number of deaths from the disease mounting, and people are dying in isolation since it’s often unsafe for Loved ones to be with them. We all live with this reality every day, and while we try not to think about it, we can’t escape it. All we can do is the best we can, and Hope and Pray that the efforts we make will ultimately save lives, even when other lives are lost all around us.

SOCIAL DISTANCING and HAND WASHING appear to be the two things we can do that will help us prevent the spread of the disease. Strictly adhering to these practices will literally SAVE LIVES; your own, your loved ones, your co-workers and these Seniors who are in our care. Just like our Resident’s families are having to endure not being able to see and hug their loved ones, each of us must make similar sacrifices. Everyone in your “Orbit” meaning family, friends, neighbors, all must refrain from unnecessary contact. I don’t know how to advise on the handling of young children, but it’s essential that teenagers and young adults STAY HOME and accept the fact that the only way Families and Facilities like this will get through this is if we make sacrifices in the next couple weeks, maybe longer. As much as we want to see the people that don’t live with us, DON’T VISIT WITH PEOPLE THAT DON’T ALREADY LIVE WITH YOU for at least the next two weeks. The less you come in contact with anyone else, the less likely it is that you spread this deadly disease. Please make sure that the people that live with you are fully aware of the LIFE AND DEATH nature of Social Distancing and Handwashing, and be certain to report to the Executive Director if someone in your Orbit has been exposed to the Virus. There’s a slim chance that this facility will get through this without any cases, but there’s almost no chance that the people who work here will not experience it in their personal lives. Please emphasize the importance of Social Distancing and Hand Washing to everyone in your personal live, and do your best to avoid unnecessary contact, so that you can give that person a big hug when this is over.

We will get through this, but not without everyone doing their part to promote SAFETY and make SACRIFICES.