Exceptional Senior Living Services in Crestwood, IL

We offer a variety of exceptional senior living services to our residents at The Pointe at Kilpatrick. Our regular services include meals served in our restaurant-style dining room, weekly housekeeping, and weekly laundry service. We can also offer assistance, upon request, for daily tasks such as grooming, showering, and other bathroom activities. Our staff will also provide reminders to our residents about taking their medications.

Special Services

We also offer a number of special services to our residents that go above and beyond what can be expected in their daily routines. These include memory care, daily activities, and spiritual opportunities.

Memory Care

Our staff takes the time to get to know the residents who need memory care, ensuring they have an intimate knowledge of that individual and can assist them as their memory starts to fade. Our staff is trained in processes that help to engage the resident with art and culture, as well as personal details about their lives.

Some of the assistance our staff provides to residents include visiting pets, visiting aquariums, engaging in music therapy, learning new arts and crafts, and more.

Respite Care

Respite care provides short-term accommodations for your senior loved one. Here at The Pointe at Kilpatrick, we are excited to offer this service for seniors and caregivers. Respite care provides temporary relief from the day to daycare you provide to your family member.

Hospice Care

For those who are in the last stage of their life, hospice care is often the best way to help them and their family cope. Although we do not directly provide hospice care, we allow hospice care workers to assist our residents when they feel that it is the care they need.

At The Pointe at Kilpatrick, we want our residents to enjoy their lives in a safe and comfortable environment. We are proud to call seniors from Midlothian, Alsip, Palos Heights, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Worth, Chicago Ridge, and Blue Island our neighbors at our Crestwood, IL community. Please look at our accommodations to see if we are the right supportive living community for you.

Daily Activities

We keep our residents happy and engaged by planning a variety of daily activities that they can take part in. Our staff plans these activities with the specific physical and mental capabilities of the residents in mind.

Some of our planned activities include musical performances, newspaper readings, singing exercises, fitness routines, trivia games, field trip outings, and more.

Each resident is provided with a calendar that has all of our activities printed on it. They are free to choose the events they would like to attend, but our staff is always happy to help by reminding them when activities take place.

Social Services

We want to keep our residents in the best shape that they can be in, which is why we employ a staff that assists our residents in seeking out professional services.

We help our residents find services in dental, vision, podiatry, audiology, dementia, and more.